About the Walks

Here is why we think Vineyard Walks are the best way to see wine country:

  • You see where the grapes are grown, not just the tasting room. Winemakers say 90% of wine is made in the field.
  • You stay active and healthy on vacation.
  • You get inside access to private vineyard lands and people you would otherwise never see or meet.
  • Your own personal guide will share his or her knowledge about grape growing, wine making, and Sonoma County.
  • Walks can be tailored to all ability levels and you need have no wine knowledge yourself.
  • Walks with lunch and wine tasting make a great way to celebrate special occasions, put a little romance in your relationship, or provide a gift for a friend. We also have discounts for groups.
  • You can even bring your dog! (Note dogs must be people- and dog-friendly and wineries might require a leash. You must tell us in advance if you wish to bring your dog.)

A Sonoma Vineyard Walk includes two vineyard walks of about an hour each (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), tastings at each of the two wineries, a picnic lunch, and the services of your own private guide. Transportation is not included: you will meet your guide at the first property and take your own car to the second property. The cost per person is $195 ($125 per person for groups of six or more) and minimum group size is two.

Our Sonoma Vineyard Walks feature the following outstanding vineyards; you choose two of the three.

Montemaggiore is named after the small Italian village where the owners, the Ciolino family, are from. This incredible vineyard is located high above Dry Creek Valley and the walk takes you through vineyards and oak forests, culminating with a fantastic view of the entire valley below. The walk is perfect for those of you wishing to get your heart rate up. The winery specializes in Syrah, which is most fitted to the mountainous terrain, and produces a Syrah and a Syrah/Cab blend each year. Choose this walk for insight into a small family-run operation.

Quivira Vineyards & Winery is located in the heart of Dry Creek on the flat valley floor. The winery specializes in Biodynamic farming and winemaking. Quivira specializes in Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhone varietals and recently won four medals at the 2008 Sonoma County Harvest Fair. The walk itself is relatively moderate and can either stay on the flat valley floor or cross West Dry Creek Road to Quivira's hillside vineyards. Choose this walk to learn about biodynamic wine and for the excellent tasting experience.

Kick Ranch Vineyards was established when in 1854 a determined family traveled to California almost 2000 miles by covered wagon on the Oregon Trail across open plains, mountains and desert. Outside the new village of Santa Rosa they established a “fine ranch” with orchards and 25 acres of vineyards, later lost by Prohibition. In 2000, the owners planted a new vineyard on the land these pioneers first settled. Since then, Kick Ranch has grown Sauvignon Blanc and premium rhone varietals for a select group of winemakers, whose wines are defined by effort, promise and optimism, like Kick Ranch itself.  Choose this walk to learn about its viticulture, geology and storied history.  The tours ends with a stunning tasting featuring Overland Wine, all while taking in the breathtaking views.