Price & Other Details

The price per person on our Three-Day Walks depends on your hotel selection and whether it includes a Friday or Saturday night:

Hotel Midweek Weekend
Flamingo Resort $595 $695
Geyserville Inn $595 $695
Hotel Healdsburg $795 $895

The Day Walks price depend on your group size as follows:
    $150 per person (two people)
    $140 per person (three people)
    $130 per person (four people)
    $120 per person (five or more people)

What is Included
Our our Three-Day Walks, you get your choice of three private 1/2 day walks with your own personal guide, two nights lodging at one of three local hotels, two breakfasts, one lunch, and wine tastings after each Vineyard Walk. You must have your own transportation.

On our Day Walks, you get two private Vineyard Walks accompanied by one of our local guides plus lunch. You must have your own transportation.

Solo Travelers
On our Three-Day and One-Day Walks, the minimum group size is two.  If you are a solo traveler, you will need to find a friend to join you or pay for two spots.  On our Three-Day Walks, if you are in a group of two or more but will be staying in your own room, the Single Supplement is $200 for the Flamingo Resort and Geyserville Inn and $450 for the Hotel Healdsburg.

Deposits and Cancellation
  • Registration requires full payment by credit card. Once you register and before we process your credit card we will confirm availablity with our local partners. We will then process your credit card and send you a Pre-Departure Packet by email.
  • For Three-Day Walks, cancellation with credit is possible until 30 days prior to the trip date. For One-Day Walks, cancellation with credit is possible until 7 days prior to the walk date. No cancellation for a cash refund is possible given our commitments to local suppliers and guides.

Other Details
  • Minimum group size is two and maximum is 12. Please contact us about larger groups.
  • You are welcome to bring your children with you, although those under 21 will not be able to participate in the wine tasting. Children under age 18 staying in the same room with two full-paying participants will receive a discount of 15%.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your first choice in dates and Vineyard Walks but cannot guarantee availability. If you are flexible in your dates, we will have a higher chance of confirming your reservation request.
  • We highly recommend trip cancellation insurance to protect yourself against unforseen circumstances. Every year there are unfortunate incidents with dozens of travelers that make it impossible for them to join our Vineyard Walks. Many of these people lose their trip and even airline payments. Even if you do not think this will happen to you, it can! One company we recommend is
  • After we receive your registration and confirm your Vineyard Walk we will send you an electronic packet with detailed arrival and departure information, suggestions for making travel arrangements, packing list, invoice, insurance information, information about the area we will be visiting and liability waiver.
  • All Walks will run rain or shine.